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The Importance of Trailing Slash in URL Addresses

Several times i've encountered the question "Why do some links have a trailing slash at the end of the URL, while others don't?" If the answer you're seeking is something like: "It doesn't matter, both work," you might consider reversing [...]

On Redirects and Regular Expressions (regex) in WordPress

The understanding of how to implement redirects using Regular Expressions can be somewhat problematic and frustrating, even for experienced developers. To be honest, I also struggle with Regular Expressions for that matter, and it’s definitely a useful skill that I [...]

10 Advantages of Using WordPress for Better SEO

It’s no secret that nowadays WordPress is the most popular content management system on the internet. Almost every fourth website worldwide is built on this platform, and with such statistics, there’s no room for argument. However, not everyone is aware [...]

Creating Proper Titles (Snippets) for SEO

The way Google generates titles and descriptions (snippets) for pages is a completely automatic process, taking into account both the page’s content and references to this page appearing on the web. The goal of those titles and snippets is to [...]

Category Pages SEO Optimization

The category pages in WordPress are often the most neglected pages in terms of promotion and SEO. When you navigate to a category page on any blog, you’ll likely see nothing more than a list of posts within that category. [...]

Improving Loading Time of Embedded Videos with Lite YouTube

YouTube is a popular Video Streaming website owned by Google. With over a billion users and millions of daily views, you can practically find YouTube videos everywhere on the internet. Using your YouTube account is a convenient way to add [...]

Defer JavaScript for Youtube Videos

Delaying Javascript, in other words, Defer parsing of Javascript, is one of the messages you might receive when checking your website’s speed using tools like GTmetrix and Pingdom. But what does it actually mean to delay the parsing of Javascript? [...]

How to defer JavaScript execution and improve loading times?

I often encounter the question of how to defer the loading of JavaScript on WordPress websites (Defer Loading of Javascript). The main reason for wanting to do this is in order to improve the speed of your site and ensure [...]

Adding Assets (JavaScript and CSS files) in WordPress

Many of us use CSS to change the appearance of the website, and JavaScript to enhance or add functionality. However, there’s also significant importance to the method you add these assets in WordPress. Instead of directly linking these files in [...]

Testing your website on a new server before changing DNS

When you're transitioning to a new hosting server, the most crucial step is to test your website before you direct the domain to the new server. This will enable you to ensure a proper migration.

What is DNS (Domain Name System)?

The Domain Name System is a collection of databases that translates "Hostnames" to IP addresses. DNS can be thought of as the "phone book of the Internet."