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How to Make a YouTube Video Responsive in WordPress?

If you are a blogger, you certainly know that in order to make their posts eye-catching, they need to spice them up with some images, videos, clips, and the like to add interest and color. However, WordPress by default doesn’t [...]

2 Ways to Reset & Restore Passwords on WordPress

In this guide, we'll show you how to reset, or in other words, how to change the WordPress password via phpMyAdmin and via functions.php

Adding reCaptcha v2 to Contact Form 7 Forms

In versions 7.4.3 and above of the Contact Form 7 plugin, it is possible to easily add Google’s reCaptcha to forms. Google reCaptcha is a standard solution and perhaps the ideal solution for preventing spam in CF7 forms and forms [...]

Add, Remove & Edit Product Data Tabs in WooCommerce

WooCommerce allows you to add new tabs to the product page in addition to the existing tabs – “Description,” “Additional Information,” and “Reviews.” These are called Product Data Tabs, and you might want to add new tabs, change the tab [...]

CLS – Cumulative Layout Shift and Ways to Improve it

One of the most frustrating things that happen to us when browsing a website is unexpected and sudden changes on a page. Such changes can be a suddenly appearing popup, content that shifts suddenly in the middle of reading, or [...]

The Meaning of Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

In a sentence, the term Bounce describes a single-page session on your site. Bounce in Google Analytics is specifically calculated as a session by a user who generates only one request from the Analytics server. For example, when a user [...]

Let’s Talk bout the flex-wrap Property

flex-wrap is a specific property that exists as part of the CSS flexbox module. Using this property, you can determine how flex items will be displayed and behave within a flex container when they don’t have enough space. The flex-wrap [...]

How to add WordPress Related Posts Without a Plugin

Displaying Related Posts on your blog can enhance user engagement with your site’s content, keep visitors on your site for longer periods, and contribute to your site SEO  by improving the user experience. And as due to security, performance, and [...]

10 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate and Improve Conversions

Bounce Rate, also known as Exit Rate, is an important metric for understanding the performance of your digital marketing. A low bounce rate is positive, indicating high engagement of visitors with your site’s content, leading to more page views on [...]