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Your website, your online portfolio, your big idea... it is worth pursuing. I believe in creating opportunities for small businesses, intrepid startups, and passionate freelancers to change the world.
adjective, sav·vi·er, sav·vi·est.
1. experienced, knowledgable, and well-informed; shrewd (often used in combination):
2. Also sav·vi·ness. practical understanding; shrewdness or intelligence; common sense:

Propelled by Experience

I deliver high performance Websites & Invest much time on proper hierarchy for the benefit of SEO. I use minimal amount of plugins and you'll get a pixel perfect result.

Forter is a unicorn company that provides the best online fraud protection platform on the market. The company worth is 1.2B dollars and it provides services to the online retailers such as Nordstorm, Deckers, Kiwi, Fiverr, Coinmama among the rest.

Additional Information

On that specific project i was in charge on all the technical aspects such as the website development, the mobile design, and connecting the website to a 3rd party services such as Hubspot & Greenhouse.

The theme was developed from scratch and there was no use of plugins except for things related to the Wordpress backend.

CrazyLabs, previously tabtale, is a home to both industry leading Hyper Casual games and famously adored Lifestyle games. As a Top 10 mobile games publisher (according to AppAnnie) and with over 2 billion downloads, we've become a worldwide leader in casual games development, distribution and innovation.

More Info

Its the first WordPress website i've built for a major client (back in 2013). Seems like its still the same website with some design changes. I've learned a lot from this project and lots of doors opened for me on his behalf.
רועי יוסף

It Seems the Harder I Work, The More Luck I Have.

My name is Roee Yossef and I'm an experienced web developer based in Israel. I develop high-end custom wordpress themes according to design, and my clients are mostly startups in Israel and around the world.

I develop most of the websites in Wordpress as mentioned, primarily for the clients ability to easily manage the site content on their own and also because its such an amazing growing platform. I love typography colors & beautiful designs and i have vast knowledge in SEO. I aim to provide high performance, cross browser websites with a clean, validated and semantic code. I have vast knowledge on SEO (mostly on the technical aspects) and i'm a freak of speed optimizations and good user expirience. *Want to work together?

*I do not have the abilty to take every project and currently take projects based on design only. Nevertheless, you might try me ;)

Some of my Partners

My Career Has Been Shaped By Outstanding Clients. To some i provide development services for years, and for some short specific services.
Crazy Labs
Redis Labs
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3. To be clued up is to be savvy; comes from the french verbs 'savoir faire', which means the 'know how'.
4. Got it? Do you understand? Use it to REALLY get your point across.

From Savvy Blog

Savvy Blog is the project i most proud about. It allows me to learn, improve my skills and contribute the community.

Get to know some of the blog contributors.

I got the chance to write most of the blog posts, nevertheless, there are some very talented guys who contributed to the blog. This would be the place to say a BIG thanks :)

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