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Category: Security

Looking for ways to strengthen the security of your WordPress site? Want to prevent breaches, stop spam, and make it harder for hackers to disrupt your site’s legitimate activities?

Given that WordPress holds such a substantial share in the website market, it brings security risks along with it and increases the chances of attempted breaches when security vulnerabilities are discovered within the system.

There are plenty of actions you can take to prevent hackers from breaking into your site and enhance the security of your blog or digital store. The last thing you want is to wake up one morning and find out your site has been compromised; it’s not pleasant.

So, there are many ways to bolster site security, and in this category, you’ll find guides and tips on enhancing the security of WordPress sites, options to prevent spam and junk mail, adding Security Headers, and so on…

Adding reCAPTCHA (v3) to Contact Form 7 forms

reCAPTCHA protects you from spam and other types of malicious automated abuse of your website’s forms. The Contact Form 7 plugin integrates with reCAPTCHA and with its help you can block automatic submissions by bots. The latest version of reCAPTCHA [...]

How to change the WordPress admin URL

One of the most popular ways to breach WordPress sites is a Brute Force Attack. In this type of attack, hackers try many combinations of usernames and passwords in order to enter the WordPress admin interface. Especially when everyone knows [...]

What is SSL, and is it Necessary for WordPress Sites?

With a market share of 30%, WordPress is a popular system behind many business websites. Of course, this popularity makes it even more interesting and attractive for hackers and malicious attacks, which can easily damage your audience’s trust, leaving you [...]

Adding reCaptcha v2 to Contact Form 7

In versions 7.4.3 and above of the Contact Form 7 plugin, it is possible to easily add Google’s reCaptcha to forms. Google reCaptcha is a standard solution and perhaps the ideal solution for preventing spam in CF7 forms and forms [...]

Prevent Spam from Contact Form 7 forms using Akismet

Spam / Junk mail is a problem that all website owners have to deal with. The harsh truth is that if you have any kind of forms collecting information from site visitors, you’re likely to receive spam emails (spam) in [...]

How to Add Security Headers to WordPress Site

Security Headers in WordPress were created to protect applications from frequent and widespread attacks without the need to add or modify anything in your application's code. When it comes to securing websites or web applications, there are several aspects to [...]