Category: Performance

Looking to accelerate and improve your website’s loading speed? Fast page loading significantly enhances user experience, increases page views, helps improve conversion rates and sales percentages, and even contributes to better Google ranking and SEO.

A one-second delay in page loading time results in a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, an 11% decrease in page views, and a 7% decrease in conversion rates. So, how fast should a website load? It can be said that a fast website loads in 2 seconds or less on desktop and about 4 seconds or less on mobile. This is at least the expectation of the visitors.

Now, for our concern – in this category, you’ll find posts about overall website performance improvement and specifically enhancing the performance of WordPress websites. You’ll discover guides and tips for improving loading times, ways to check performance and speed up your site using various methods. There’s also a complete guide to using the WP-Rocket plugin and additional caching plugins.

Improve Frontend, Animations & Scrolling Performance

Whether you’ve noticed it or not, in recent years, the topic of optimization and performance of websites has become a hot topic. The topic primarily focuses on the loading time of websites and is achieved by reducing the overall weight [...]

How to Improve WordPress Speed & Loading time

One of the most common questions I encounter is how to improve the loading speed of WordPress sites. This is probably because studies show that 47% of users expect the loading time to be less than two seconds, and about [...]

Registering ACF Fields with PHP

Registering ACF fields using PHP reduces the number of database reads and enables the use of Version Control like GIT and similar. The option to define fields via code decreases the chance of losing information that exists in a normal [...]

Lazy Loading Scripts

The script that activates the search option on Savvy Blog is loaded only when the user clicks on the search icon in the top bar. So, the functionality of the search is not particularly complex or anything like that, but [...]

Critical CSS and Render-Blocking Resources

If you’ve used Google PageSpeed Insights before, I assume you’ve encountered a stage where a comment indicates that you need to “Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources” as it is one of the common messages you encounter in PSI. In this post, I [...]