Category: Performance

Looking to accelerate and improve your website’s loading speed? Fast page loading significantly enhances user experience, increases page views, helps improve conversion rates and sales percentages, and even contributes to better Google ranking and SEO.

A one-second delay in page loading time results in a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, an 11% decrease in page views, and a 7% decrease in conversion rates. So, how fast should a website load? It can be said that a fast website loads in 2 seconds or less on desktop and about 4 seconds or less on mobile. This is at least the expectation of the visitors.

Now, for our concern – in this category, you’ll find posts about overall website performance improvement and specifically enhancing the performance of WordPress websites. You’ll discover guides and tips for improving loading times, ways to check performance and speed up your site using various methods. There’s also a complete guide to using the WP-Rocket plugin and additional caching plugins.

Performance and Optimization in the Era of HTTP/2

HTTP protocol has been around since approximately 1991 and underwent significant upgrades in 1999 when HTTP/1.1 was introduced. Since the release of this protocol, many articles and guides have been published online to explain how to optimize and overcome the [...]

About CSS Containment and Improving Performance

CSS Containment is a module that describes a CSS property called contain. This property allows developers to isolate a specific element’s subtree in the DOM and treat it as independent and separate from the rest of the elements in the [...]

Loading Google Analytics Locally from Your Server

When optimizing the number of requests to the server (HTTP Requests), you may encounter a stage in the Google Analytics script. The script makes an asynchronous request to download the analytics.js file from Google’s servers. Since this is an asynchronous [...]

WP-Rocket – Complete Guide & Optimal Settings

The plugin WP-Rocket currently serves more than 400,000 WordPress websites, and the results it provides in terms of website performance are quite impressive. It is very user-friendly and offers several features that you won’t find in other plugins. In this [...]

CLS – Cumulative Layout Shift and Ways to Improve it

One of the most frustrating things that happen to us when browsing a website is unexpected and sudden changes on a page. Such changes can be a suddenly appearing popup, content that shifts suddenly in the middle of reading, or [...]

Website Performance & Time to First Byte (TTFB)

What is Time to First Byte (TTFB), and how can it be improved? For those of you who are testing the speed and loading time of WordPress websites (and in general), there are several metrics that help understand the factors [...]

Improve Google Fonts Loading time using preconnect

The preconnect option is an important tool in your toolbox, not only for loading Google Fonts. As shown in the example above, using preconnect saves roundtrip time, especially in the critical upper part of your site or application. In certain [...]