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Improve Frontend, Animations & Scrolling Performance

Whether you’ve noticed it or not, in recent years, the topic of optimization and performance of websites has become a hot topic. The topic primarily focuses on the loading time of websites and is achieved by reducing the overall weight [...]

Using CMB2 to create Custom Meta Boxes

Not long ago, I was asked to create an FAQ page for one of my clients. My first thought was to create this FAQ’s page using the beloved ACF plugin, but I remembered that one of the commenters on the [...]

Playing with Shadows and the text-shadow CSS Property

The text-shadow feature in CSS adds a shadow to text. It takes a list of shadows separated by commas, which are added to the text and the decoration of that text. Each shadow is described by a combination of X [...]

How to Improve WordPress Speed & Loading time

One of the most common questions I encounter is how to improve the loading speed of WordPress sites. This is probably because studies show that 47% of users expect the loading time to be less than two seconds, and about [...]

Looking for Technical SEO Services?

If you’ve reached this point, you likely already know that your website has technical issues related to SEO in Google. Before we continue – I must honestly say that this is the first post I am writing intended to promote [...]