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Harnessing the Power of CSS Repeat Function

Among the various features CSS offers, the repeat function stands out as a valuable tool for efficiently managing repetitive patterns in layouts and design elements.

Critical CSS and Render-Blocking Resources

If you’ve used Google PageSpeed Insights before, I assume you’ve encountered a stage where a comment indicates that you need to “Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources” as it is one of the common messages you encounter in PSI. In this post, I [...]

Guide to Google PageSpeed for WordPress Users – Part 1

Google PageSpeed Insights (PSI for short) is a useful tool for website developers. Its intentions are certainly good, but it can be said that it is not suitable for the average WordPress site owner. Despite the recent addition of specific [...]

Customization of Underlines using text-decoration

The CSS Text Decoration Module Level 3 module provides us with several new ways to decorate and adorn text on web pages, and browser support for this module is quite extensive, much to our delight. New CSS properties such as [...]

Removing WooCommerce Products from WordPress Search Results

Here’s a scenario: On your E-Commerce website, you have products, blog posts, and pages. You want to limit search results either to products or to posts, depending on where the actual search is performed (for example, from which search widget [...]

Adding Dark Mode Option to a Website with localStorage

Dark Mode or Dark Theme has become quite common on websites lately. And with this trend existing in iOS, macOS & Windows, most systems or applications have already adopted those dark themes. “Dark Mode” makes your website more attractive to [...]

Building a Multi Language Site in WordPress with Polylang

The Polylang plugin is a type of extension that allows you to create a multilingual WordPress site, meaning a site with language diversity. You create pages, posts, categories, and tags as you normally would, define a language for each of [...]

Disabling Automatic Redirects in Yoast SEO Premium

Yoast SEO Premium Redirects Manager allows for automatic redirection when any URL on your site changes. In most cases, this is an excellent option, and you’d want to keep those redirects. However, there are situations where you may prefer to [...]

Structured Data for a Recipe Website? Definitely Possible.

Do you have a website that offers recipes to users? If so, it seems you utilize structured data to mark up recipes so that they appear prominently in Google search results. However, over the past year, Google has made several [...]

Creating FAQ page in WordPress using ACF

The plugin Advanced Custom Fields in its Pro version comes with the option to add a “Repeater Field.” The Repeater Field allows the user to add an unlimited number of rows to a post or page in WordPress. This field [...]