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How to use the rel=next & rel=prev Tags??

The elements rel="next" and rel="prev" are HTML Link Elements intended to indicate relationships between URLs in a series or set of pages. On the level of internet sites, a numbered sequence of any content can take various forms… Update – [...]

Preload Critical Assets to Improve Performance

There are many ways to improve a website performance. One of the ways is to preload specific files that you know will be required later and are essential for the quick rendering of the page. The preload value of the [...]

How to Perform Animation (Transition) on Gradients?

In CSS, it is not possible to perform animation or partial gradient changes using the transition property. In other words, the following transition won’t work: .gradient { min-height: 200px; background-image: linear-gradient( to right, hsl(49.68, 97.89%, 62.75%), hsl(200, 51.54%, 44.51%) ); [...]

Creating a Slider in WordPress using Vegas Slider

Considering that sliders and slider plugins (usually bundled with purchased themes) are quite slow and cumbersome to use, it’s often preferable in many cases to build your own slider to avoid headaches for both you and your clients. Of course, [...]

position: sticky not Working? Try This

If you are experiencing issues with the position:sticky feature in CSS, meaning it’s not working for you, then the reason is usually one of the following: 1. The feature is not supported by your browser Before proceeding, make sure that [...]

Display a Message if a Post has been Recently Updated

Whether you’ve noticed it or not, recently on the Savvy blog, a message pops up for a few seconds if you land on any post that has been updated in the last 45 days. Due to frequent updates, I thought [...]

What is SSL, and is it Necessary for WordPress Sites?

With a market share of 30%, WordPress is a popular system behind many business websites. Of course, this popularity makes it even more interesting and attractive for hackers and malicious attacks, which can easily damage your audience’s trust, leaving you [...]

Adding Numbered Pagination in a WordPress Template

If you are looking for a way to add numbered pagination to your WordPress template instead of the default “Next Posts” and “Previous Posts,” you can easily do so using the plugin that most of you probably know, called WP-PageNavi. [...]

Using Advanced Custom Fields without Frontend Dependency

The plugin Advanced Custom Fields provides a simple and visual interface for creating metaboxes. The result is very intuitive and easy for the client to edit. The ACF plugin includes several functions that allow you to use your own template [...]

About CSS Containment and Improving Performance

CSS Containment is a module that describes a CSS property called contain. This property allows developers to isolate a specific element’s subtree in the DOM and treat it as independent and separate from the rest of the elements in the [...]

Loading Google Analytics Locally from Your Server

When optimizing the number of requests to the server (HTTP Requests), you may encounter a stage in the Google Analytics script. The script makes an asynchronous request to download the analytics.js file from Google’s servers. Since this is an asynchronous [...]