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Google Tag Manager for Beginners: Why and How to Use It (2024)

Collecting information using tools like Google Analytics is a critical action for increasing organic traffic, achieving higher conversions, and optimizing your leading digital marketing strategy to establish stronger connections with users on your website. However, putting it into practice is [...]

Better WordPress Search Mechanism with Relevanssi

Better search results with Relevanssi. If you've ever tried using the built-in search functionality of WordPress to search for content on your site, I assume you've noticed that it's an area where the popular content management system WordPress falls short.

Improve Google Fonts Loading time using preconnect

The preconnect option is an important tool in your toolbox, not only for loading Google Fonts. As shown in the example above, using preconnect saves roundtrip time, especially in the critical upper part of your site or application. In certain [...]

How to Exclude your IP Address from Google Analytics?

If you’re reading this post, it’s likely that you don’t want the activity you or your company’s employees perform on your site, or alternatively, the activity of all employees within the company accessing the same site, to “muddle” the existing [...]

Beginners Guide to Advanced Custom Fields

It's difficult to describe the excitement I felt when I discovered the wonders of the plugin Advanced Custom Fields, or by its short name, ACF.

What are Core Web Vitals & How to Improve Them?

Core Web Vitals represent a set of metrics used by Google to assess the user experience (UX) of a specific website and are unrelated to the content quality on the site

Using CSS Gap with Flexbox

In this post, we'll see how to add spacing between flex items using the CSS property called gap, which is the shorthand for the properties row-gap & column-gap.

Dealing with WordPress Image Sizes

In this brief guide, I will explain about image sizes in WordPress and their usage in the admin interface and code level. We will also see how to create new image sizes and how to prevent generating unnecessary images based [...]

Image Optimization for WordPress in terms of SEO

Whether you're a blogger, a writer for online magazines, or even managing an e-commerce store, mastering image optimization is a skill worth delving into.

Prevent Spam from Contact Form 7 forms using Akismet

Spam / Junk mail is a problem that all website owners have to deal with. The harsh truth is that if you have any kind of forms collecting information from site visitors, you’re likely to receive spam emails (spam) in [...]

Adding CSS Scroll Animations using AOS

You’ve probably encountered websites with various animations happening as you scroll down (On Scroll Animations). So, I’ll share with you a library I came across called AOS, which allows you to easily add these animations with full CSS control over [...]