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Creating a responsive table using CSS

I am sure you will find many methods and sources showing how to create a responsive table, some are good and some less so. Among these methods, you will find sophisticated tables built using CSS Grid, and even very simple [...]

Exploring CSS ::marker Pseudo-Element

The ::marker pseudo-element is a feature in CSS that enables you to style the markers of list items. Whether you want to customize the appearance of bullets in an unordered list or the numbering in an ordered list, ::marker gives [...]

Show Posts from another Blog using REST API

As you probably already heard, REST API provides you with the ability to interact with your WordPress site externally, for example, from a mobile application or another website. Let’s look at a short code example that describes how you can [...]

You Better use WP_DEBUG_LOG in WordPress Development

In this short post, we’ll see what the correct way is to monitor PHP errors on WordPress sites using WP_DEBUG_LOG. Like most things related to WordPress development, it can be said that the best way to understand a specific function [...]

How to Prevent the Display of PHP Errors in WordPress

PHP comments and messages are helpful for WordPress developers to “debug” issues in the code they or others have written. Of course, it wouldn’t be professional if these were displayed for site visitors, so in this short post, we’ll see [...]

Disabling RSS Feed on WordPress Sites

WordPress is known to people as a robust and reliable blogging system. People use RSS Feeds to subscribe to new content you publish through third-party applications like Feedly, for example. However, not everyone uses WordPress for a blog, and there [...]

Styling Scrollbars with CSS

Designing the scrollbars of the browser has become popular lately, and I encounter many websites styling it differently, fitting their overall design and branding. There are several ways to design these scrollbars, and in this post, we’ll see how to [...]

How to Share a Draft Post with Anonymous Users

Not infrequently, I found myself in a situation where I wanted to share a post or page that was still in draft mode with someone who is not registered in the system. For example, when someone wrote a guest post [...]

Lazy Loading Scripts

The script that activates the search option on Savvy Blog is loaded only when the user clicks on the search icon in the top bar. So, the functionality of the search is not particularly complex or anything like that, but [...]

Guide to Using WooCommerce Hooks

Before we start explaining how to use WooCommerce hooks, let’s say a few words about hooks. Hooks in WordPress allow you to add or modify code without editing the source files. Hence, they are very useful and enable developers to [...]

WordPress Hooks for Beginners

If you’re into WordPress development, you won’t be able to ignore hooks (Actions & Filters) for a long time before you have to delve deep and understand the meaning of those hooks in WordPress and how to use them. Changes [...]