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Articles and posts about marketing / digital marketing. Digital marketing is a general term referring to a variety of online advertising options. For example, organic website promotion, paid advertising on Google and social networks, YouTube advertising, email marketing, and other such methods. It also encompasses digital tools at our disposal that allow us to better analyze these advertising options we mentioned.

Certainly, you’re aware that in recent years there’s been a clear trend favoring digital advertising over traditional media due to significant advantages for both advertisers and the customer base alike.

So, in this category, you’ll find posts and information about digital marketing and related topics. You’ll find posts about Google Search Console, how to track conversions, an explanation of UTM Parameters, posts related to Google Analytics, and even a post on how to find a WordPress developer for your next project.

Creating a mailing list with the Mailchimp for WordPress

Since I use Relevanssi (feel free to search the blog for the word), I have the option to conveniently view which searches were made on the sub-blog. It seems that many people are searching for the phrase “distribution list” and [...]

Conversion Tracking with Google Analytics 4 (Goals)

Conversion tracking in Google Analytics (also known as Goals) can be crucial for any significant activity on your important business website. For example, form submissions, newsletter sign-ups, or even product purchases. In the old version of Google Analytics (Universal Analytics), [...]

How to Connect Analytics 4 to Google Ads

If you are using Google Analytics, then you already know that the tool provides you with a lot of information about user interaction with the site. If you want to use the information that Analytics provides to better track the [...]

The Meaning of Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

In a sentence, the term Bounce describes a single-page session on your site. Bounce in Google Analytics is specifically calculated as a session by a user who generates only one request from the Analytics server. For example, when a user [...]

10 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate and Improve Conversions

Bounce Rate, also known as Exit Rate, is an important metric for understanding the performance of your digital marketing. A low bounce rate is positive, indicating high engagement of visitors with your site’s content, leading to more page views on [...]

What is Facebook Pixel & How to add it in WordPress?

In case you’re wondering what that Facebook Pixel is, and if you’re interested in knowing whether you should add it to your WordPress site, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, I will explain what that Facebook [...]

Google Tag Manager for Beginners: Why and How to Use It (2023)

Collecting information using tools like Google Analytics is a critical action for increasing organic traffic, achieving higher conversions, and optimizing your leading digital marketing strategy to establish stronger connections with users on your website. However, putting it into practice is [...]

How to Exclude your IP Address from Google Analytics?

If you’re reading this post, it’s likely that you don’t want the activity you or your company’s employees perform on your site, or alternatively, the activity of all employees within the company accessing the same site, to “muddle” the existing [...]