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Articles and posts about marketing / digital marketing. Digital marketing is a general term referring to a variety of online advertising options. For example, organic website promotion, paid advertising on Google and social networks, YouTube advertising, email marketing, and other such methods. It also encompasses digital tools at our disposal that allow us to better analyze these advertising options we mentioned.

Certainly, you’re aware that in recent years there’s been a clear trend favoring digital advertising over traditional media due to significant advantages for both advertisers and the customer base alike.

So, in this category, you’ll find posts and information about digital marketing and related topics. You’ll find posts about Google Search Console, how to track conversions, an explanation of UTM Parameters, posts related to Google Analytics, and even a post on how to find a WordPress developer for your next project.

Looking for Technical SEO Services?

If you’ve reached this point, you likely already know that your website has technical issues related to SEO in Google. Before we continue – I must honestly say that this is the first post I am writing intended to promote [...]