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Using CMB2 to create Custom Meta Boxes

Not long ago, I was asked to create an FAQ page for one of my clients. My first thought was to create this FAQ’s page using the beloved ACF plugin, but I remembered that one of the commenters on the [...]

Duplicate Posts & Pages Without a Plugin

The action of duplicating posts can be very useful when working with many similar posts. For example – products in a WooCommerce store. It can be said that the option to duplicate posts is especially useful when your posts have [...]

What is Parallax Scrolling Effect and how to use it?

Returning to 2011, the parallax scrolling effect created buzz and emerged as a new trend in websites design. Many trends have come and gone since then, but this effect has established its place and is not planning to leave any [...]

Have you heard about WordPress MU-Plugins?

At its core, WordPress has thousands of core functions and useful tools that definitely contribute to making WordPress the number one content management system in the world. Many WordPress features are familiar to us such as custom post types, hooks, [...]

Advanced WordPress management with WP-CLI

The command-line has always been popular among developers because it provides tools that speed up work and streamline the development process. At first glance, it’s hard to believe how using the command line to perform certain actions is faster than [...]