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If you’ve come so far, chances are you have something to say, or more accurately, something to write… I would be very happy to host new writers interested in exposure to thousands of readers per month.

It would be useful and desirable to add a slightly different tone to the blog through quality articles from other people in the field. This encourages sharing, discussion, and allows other readers to learn new things – after all, that is the purpose of this blog from its inception.

However, there are some guidelines to follow in order to maintain content quality, as I value the attention and time of the blog readers, naturally.


  1. The content should be directly or indirectly related to WordPress. The topics in this blog focus on development, design, WordPress plugins, optimization, tips, SEO and analytics, as well as opinions and ideas related to this management system. However, beyond that, articles or content on CSS, JavaScript, and topics related to the Web are also welcome.
  2. Posts on the blog should be useful for readers and help them make practical decisions. The content is intended to encourage action and teach people how to use the system, and I strive for each post to be informative and comprehensive as much as possible. The goal is to help readers become better web developers or successful WordPress site administrators.
  3. The content should be original or translated from another language. The more original and interesting the post is to readers, the more it will spark discussion and its dissemination will be wider. Your exposure as writers will be higher, and hence the traffic to your site will increase.
  4. The content should be (as much as possible) rich in images, videos, and even quotes to deepen the user experience and add interest to the post. The post should be at least 300 words but not opposed to more than that.
  5. It is reasonable to assume (unless surprised) that I will edit your post upon receipt, correcting errors if any, adding information and links to additional relevant articles in the blog. However, before you send the post, you should check that it is aesthetically pleasing – there should be paragraph breaks, subheadings, punctuation marks, and of course, no spelling or syntax errors.
  6. Exclusivity is important. Posts should not be published elsewhere before being published on this blog, and not even before appearing in Google’s index.
  7. If you wish to publish the post after it has been indexed by Google and published in a blog’s subdomain – you must ensure that the canonical tag points to the post published on this blog.

What Will You Get in Return?

After working hard and investing time in writing a quality post that meets the above requirements, the question arises, what will you get in return? Significant exposure to an audience of thousands of people all interested in WordPress and WEB. Additionally:

  1. Appreciation from readers and the WordPress community as a whole. The blog’s subdomain is not intended for profit purposes, so assistance to the readers’ community is satisfying enough for me.
  2. Nevertheless, at the end of each post, there will be a credit box containing information about the author + image + link, which I am confident will bring you leads or even strengthen your search engine rankings in the relevant field.

So in short, I would be very happy if you write for the blog, if you’re interested, please contact us via the following form… 🙂

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