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Adding Products to the Shopping Cart Through a Link

Recently, a customer approached me with a request to create a dynamic scenario on a WordPress site where clicking a button would lead the user directly to the Checkout page, which already contains a number of products in the shopping [...]

Creating Virtual Store in WordPress with WooCommerce

With over four million active installations, a rating of 4.6 on, and a whole army of digital store owners backing it up, WooCommerce is undoubtedly the most popular plugin providing a solution for digital stores on the WordPress system. [...]

Playing with the background-clip Property

The background-clip property allows us to control how far the background image (or background color) extends beyond the Padding or the content itself of an element. I assume that this explanation is challenging to understand without examples and a look [...]

Simple Guide for Creating WordPress Shortcodes

It is reasonable to assume that all of us have had to use these shortcodes in one constellation or another. Generally, these come together with plugins or themes, and what they do is search and replace whenever you input something [...]

How to add ACF Options Pages to Polylang websites

Recently I was required to add an editing option to an Archive Page on a website that works with Polylang. Since it’s not possible to add fields to an archive page using ACF, I had to add the editing option [...]

A few words about ACF Synchronized JSON

I really love Advanced Custom Fields, and I’ve already written about it in the past. And although there are interesting alternatives for creating new content fields, in 99% of the cases, the ACF plugin in its PRO version provides everything [...]

There is No Point Adding an Organization Schema to Every Page

Until recently, I used to embed Schema of type “Organization” on every page and post on the Savvy blog. Nothing special, many people do this, and it doesn’t harm the site in any way. But I came across a video [...]

WP-Rocket – Complete Guide & Optimal Settings

The plugin WP-Rocket currently serves more than 400,000 WordPress websites, and the results it provides in terms of website performance are quite impressive. It is very user-friendly and offers several features that you won’t find in other plugins. In this [...]

Creating Masonry with Loading Animations

I recently wrote about Isotope and how to use this library to create a filter or post filtering in WordPress, as shown in this post. As I mentioned in that post, Isotope has a young sibling called masonry.js, which allows [...]

Display Images & Content in Lightbox using Lity.js

Lity is a lightweight, accessible, and responsive lightbox library that supports images, videos, iframes, and even inline content. The library weighs only about 3K when minified and gzipped on your server. In this short post, we’ll see how to use [...]

Separator Line with an Element in the Middle in CSS

This is a short post describing how to create a separator line with an element in the middle, like a kind of divider with text or an image when there is the same separator line to the left and right [...]