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Rebranding your site? Interested in upgrading the user experience on your site, creating new elements correctly, and learning new techniques in CSS and JavaScript?

In the Design and User Experience category, you’ll find a repository of guides and posts related to website design and user experience, explanations about interesting CSS features, ways to create sliders, building pop-ups, form design, carousel creation, and many more posts related to design and UX, whether directly or indirectly.

Discover ways to create and design components that can enhance your site’s appearance with minimal use of plugins. All of this aims to improve the user experience for visitors, which is crucial for the site’s ranking on Google and various search engines.

Creating a Slider in WordPress using Vegas Slider

Considering that sliders and slider plugins (usually bundled with purchased themes) are quite slow and cumbersome to use, it’s often preferable in many cases to build your own slider to avoid headaches for both you and your clients. Of course, [...]

position: sticky not Working? Try This

If you are experiencing issues with the position:sticky feature in CSS, meaning it’s not working for you, then the reason is usually one of the following: 1. The feature is not supported by your browser Before proceeding, make sure that [...]

Display a Message if a Post has been Recently Updated

Whether you’ve noticed it or not, recently on the Savvy blog, a message pops up for a few seconds if you land on any post that has been updated in the last 45 days. Due to frequent updates, I thought [...]

Using Advanced Custom Fields without Frontend Dependency

The plugin Advanced Custom Fields provides a simple and visual interface for creating metaboxes. The result is very intuitive and easy for the client to edit. The ACF plugin includes several functions that allow you to use your own template [...]

Create an Exit Intent Popup in WordPress without Plugin

The term “exit intent popup” has gained popularity in recent years, especially on WordPress, E-commerce websites and digital stores in particular. In essence, an exit intent popup uses JavaScript to track the user’s mouse movements, so that when the user [...]

A Glance at CSS Mix Blend Modes

According to Wikipedia, merging (or “blending modes”) in digital image editing and computer graphics is used to determine how two layers blend together. In most applications, the default blending mode is simply to hide the bottom layer by covering it [...]

Create an Elements Filter with Isotope Library

In this post, we will show how to create a filter with Isotope that allows filtering elements based on any attribute, in our case, we will enable filtering posts by taxonomy. To create the filter we gonna use Isotope which [...]

Playing with the background-clip Property

The background-clip property allows us to control how far the background image (or background color) extends beyond the Padding or the content itself of an element. I assume that this explanation is challenging to understand without examples and a look [...]