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Rebranding your site? Interested in upgrading the user experience on your site, creating new elements correctly, and learning new techniques in CSS and JavaScript?

In the Design and User Experience category, you’ll find a repository of guides and posts related to website design and user experience, explanations about interesting CSS features, ways to create sliders & carousels, building pop-ups, forms design, and many more posts related to design and UX, whether directly or indirectly.

Discover ways to create and design components that can enhance your site’s appearance with minimal use of plugins. All of this aims to improve the user experience for visitors, which is crucial for the site’s ranking on Google and various search engines.

Playing with Shadows and the text-shadow CSS Property

The text-shadow feature in CSS adds a shadow to text. It takes a list of shadows separated by commas, which are added to the text and the decoration of that text. Each shadow is described by a combination of X [...]

The clip-path property in CSS and how to use it

clip-path is a very interesting CSS property that allows you to “clip” a certain part of elements such as SVG, images, and HTML. The property creates a shape that determines which part of the element will be visible. The part [...]

Exploring CSS ::marker Pseudo-Element

The ::marker pseudo-element is a feature in CSS that enables you to style the markers of list items. Whether you want to customize the appearance of bullets in an unordered list or the numbering in an ordered list, ::marker gives [...]

Styling Scrollbars with CSS

Designing the scrollbars of the browser has become popular lately, and I encounter many websites styling it differently, fitting their overall design and branding. There are several ways to design these scrollbars, and in this post, we’ll see how to [...]

Customization of Underlines using text-decoration

The CSS Text Decoration Module Level 3 module provides us with several new ways to decorate and adorn text on web pages, and browser support for this module is quite extensive, much to our delight. New CSS properties such as [...]