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Looking for Technical SEO Services?

If you’ve reached this point, you likely already know that your website has technical issues related to SEO in Google. Before we continue – I must honestly say that this is the first post I am writing intended to promote a service I offer and to make you choose me as the person to give a professional opinion on the technical state of your website (Technical SEO).

Ultimately, the goal is for me to perform the actions and correct the problems related to this process in order to improve the condition and health of your website. These actions are primarily designed to help Google and search engines parse and scan your website optimally and if you don’t know, it is highly recommended to perform these before starting to work with an SEO on content and link building.

From what has been said, it is clear that this is not about building links, paid promotion, content writing, or On-Page SEO – but only about Technical SEO – i.e., technical issues and improvements. If this is a service you are looking for, continue reading…

What will I perform for you and what are the technical issues involved?

As a start, I will provide you with a structured report using various tools at my disposal. Beyond these tools, I will examine your website with a human eye at the code level and provide recommendations accordingly – recommendations that those tools cannot know and understand.

I will implement these recommendations in the best way to make it easier for Google to scan your website and to allow you to realize the potential of your site for a higher ranking in search engines.

Of course, if you have an existing report, you are welcome to provide it to me, and I will work according to it.

What is included in performing technical SEO, you ask?

Here is a partial list of issues that I will address as part of the work:

Take a look at the “before and after” pictures from a site for which I performed this service, which were taken from the tool SEMrush which I use (among others) to monitor existing technical issues on the site:

Before performing technical SEO on the site:

Before fixing technical issues on the site

Before fixing technical issues on the site

After performing technical SEO on the site:

After fixing technical issues on the site

After fixing technical issues on the site

In addition to this tool, I have other tools at my disposal that help me understand the overall state of your site, its structure, and hierarchy:

The WebSite Auditor tool

The WebSite Auditor and technical SEO monitoring

Understanding the hierarchy and structure of the site

Understanding the hierarchy and structure of the site

There are many additional aspects that I will address, aspects that SEOs lacking understanding in development and code, or those without knowledge in technical SEO (like most SEOs in the country), cannot know.

Why actually choose me to perform the work?

Because I know what I’m doing, really… I’m not saying this out of arrogance, but if you know me personally or even through the blog, you know that my professional life revolves around developing and optimizing websites for many years, and I care about each client and their success.

I have extensive experience in technical site optimization by virtue of being a developer and promoting this blog. I do not compromise on the work I perform, and I think a look at Savvy Blog can confirm my claims. By the way, there are dozens of companies (mainly startups) that I have worked with – both in terms of development and in terms of technical consulting and promotion of the site.

You can take a look at the WordPress SEO category on this blog and find articles related to almost all the items mentioned above – those issues that I will correct if necessary on your site.

It is important to note and remind that the work will also require time from you in most cases – if information such as Meta Descriptions or Title Tags is missing, you will need to provide these and enter them yourself. Although these are related to the process of content optimization and On-Page SEO, I will provide you with detailed information on what you need to do. In any case, cooperation between us will be required 🙂

How much does technical SEO service cost?

The pricing of the service will be according to the complexity and size of your site. I assume you can understand that there are more complex and less complex websites, so the cost of the service will be accordingly. By the way, if there are specific problems you are aware of and would like to correct – of course, you are welcome to contact me, and the pricing will be accordingly.

It should be noted that the service is project-based and not ongoing. Changes you make to the site afterwards can affect the health of the site, but it can definitely be said that in principle, you will not have to perform technical SEO again.

Additionally, I say that I am always open to questions and strive to help and accompany my clients even after the work is completed. If you have any questions about the service, the quality of work, and in general, you are welcome to ask in the comments below, and I promise to answer.

Interested in the service?

If you are interested in discussing, contact me.

Roee Yossef
Roee Yossef

I develop websites & custom WordPress themes by design. I love typography, colors & everything between, and aim to provide high performance, seo optimized websites with a clean & semantic code.


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