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How to Exclude your IP Address from Google Analytics?

If you’re reading this post, it’s likely that you don’t want the activity you or your company’s employees perform on your site, or alternatively, the activity of all employees within the company accessing the same site, to “muddle” the existing information in Analytics.

Therefore, after installing Analytics on your site, you need to exclude your IP and any other IP addresses you don’t want to track the data for.

This post is relevant only for Universal Analytics, which is no longer relevant due to the transition to Google Analytics 4.

What is Your IP Address?

Most likely, every computer connected via the same Wi-Fi network will have the same IP address. Go to to find your IP address. You should do this for each Wi-Fi network you want to exclude from Google Analytics.

If your tablet/cellular device has a dynamic IP address, you can also exclude these devices using the same method.

What my IP Address?

Excluding Your IP Address from Google Analytics

Follow these steps to exclude your IP address from Google Analytics:

  • Log in to Google Analytics and select the relevant account.
  • Click on Admin.
  • Under the Account, select All Filters.
  • Click on Add Filter.
  • Give a name to the filter (it can be anything – I usually use the IP address).
  • Ensure that the filter type is Predefined.
  • The filter should be set to: “Exclude – Traffic from IP addresses – that are equal to –.” (See image).
  • Enter the IP address in question and click Save.
Excluding IP Addresses from Google Analytics

Excluding IP Addresses from Google Analytics

You can also apply exclusion on a range of IP addresses within the filter settings.

Note that data that was already in Analytics (Historical Data) will not change, but at least from now on, it won’t be included in Analytics. If you did this for an IP that many people use, you may see a decrease in the data Analytics presents, but at least they will be accurate data…

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