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There is No Point Adding an Organization Schema to Every Page

Until recently, I used to embed Schema of type “Organization” on every page and post on the Savvy blog. Nothing special, many people do this, and it doesn’t harm the site in any way.

But I came across a video recently where John Mueller was asked about this by a website owner, asking exactly where to embed the same schema. In response, Mueller explained and answered that it doesn’t really matter where you embed this schema as long as it doesn’t appear on every page of your site.

Depending on the type of website, the placement of the Organization schema may be on the homepage, and sometimes on the site’s contact page. But if it’s found in other places, it doesn’t matter to Google in any way.

Mueller advises (together with some SEO experts), and they conclude that there is no need for an Organization schema to appear on every page of your site as many do (and as I did on the Savvy blog and my clients’ websites).

In the following video, you will find the question and John’s response (starts at 51:36):

So, if we summarize Mueller’s answer, it goes something like this:

“As far as I know, only on the homepage… it doesn’t matter to us too much as we expect to see this schema on the homepage or on the contact page. But if we see this schema on other pages, it really doesn’t matter to us.”

Roee Yossef
Roee Yossef

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